The Self Hatred Of Men : Panda Syndrome

Mostly loops crafted with caustic 3, out & about, on my phone.

Mixed & arranged in fl studio 12.4-ish…

Like I didn’t had anything better to do… (I did 😂!

sorry, not sorry)



Sampling & Synthesis – The Holographic Principle


Sample Hunting

I presume most producer are familiar with the never ending hunt for more samples (Public domain or pirating) . 

The craving for more,  like a nasty crack habbit,  can ruin your whole workflow.  The same counts for vst searches.  Learn 3-4 tools & synths,  untill you can reverse engineer it with a paperclip. 
Personally I only use free samples & vst (except for the fl studio, plugins are totally worth the money! Check bedroom Producers Blog ! A daily updated blog for free samples & plugins.

Create your own sound: Standing out from the Crowd

Synthesizing your Own Sound

A quick internet search learns us this about Synthesis:


Tthe combination of components or elements to form a connected whole.
“the synthesis of intellect and emotion in his work”

There’s a distinct difference between Synthesising & Sample Based Prod

Make your mark on your music:

  • twising knobs
  • pushing button

Record 64bars of percussion (Kick :p) and export the audio & the midi data.
With midi you have the possibilty of saving a track

Wel It started out as a wild goose chase for samples…
I wanted original dialogs for in my music.
So I picked an alltime Gangster-movie Casino- IMbd.

An started recording some of the best dialogs & fx. I Used lil bits in my productions latley, but I need to do a new movie. Thinking about the conjuring 2….

Here are  other tracks primarly build around  of the samples.

Now it’s time for some new Samples :p .

Want to use the samples? Sure you can, Have Fun & let me know what you made 🙂


Btw If somebody could use some Tb3 Recordings.

Like 30-60 minutes Live tweaking true effect pedals….,
Maybe he/she/it? has time to maybe make a sample kit out of it)

Digital Art: Image Manipulation

Editorial Note

I accidentally went on quite a rant, people can and will be offended by some things I said. Just know, that I don’t really care about your feelings, but feel obliged to give this Head’s up. You have been warned

$david swolfs oct 2017

FREE & Recommended Software

  • Gimp
  • Snapseed (android) 
  • Inkscape
  • Audacity 
  • If you have a spare pc,  consider trying ubuntu. An unexplored dimension… 
  • Krita
  • Caustic
    <lisnapseed, i="" started="" messing around with synths, drum machines,  vst’s (software effects & synthesizers) & DAW’s( Digital Audio Workstations),  and (quite some time later) with acceptable results,  that I was ready to share with the world. Not that sharing was my goal really.  I started making music for  me,  myself & I. And maybe as a way to take my mind of my dying mom (she’s in a better a place now,  thank God)… 

    Anyway back to my  vision of a bedroomusic producer nowadays:

    1. You can’t make good music if you are too  concerned about what  other people might think of your work.  Like other people’s opinions really matter (I assume you’re not a commercial soundengineer,  but an artist with   feelings  to transduce… 

      <p title="" transduce, ="" to="" express. ="" with="" no="" need="" of="" an="" audience,="" the="" ones="" who="" really="" like="" your="" stuff="" will="" listen="" it, ="" put="" it="" on="" their="" cellphone="" a="" real="" pirate="" (sharing="" is="" caring,="" right?!="" ), ="" heck="" they="" might="" even="" jack="" off="" everyday. ="" point="" that="" doesn't="" matters.="" (only="" if="" you="" let="" fcourse


    Transducers are component’s that  transform some form  of energy(ex. C°)  into another form (like electrical resistance.  ~ also a EE & CS student 📕⌨💻🖥📚💊💊💊


    This means that you will have to be self criticizing.  You will keep staring into the glow of your monitor until your mix pleases even you,  who has been hearing that same 5-8mins on loop,  for God knows howlong.  You’re even so pleased,  that you want to share it with the world. But oh no,  are you going to use some google search first pick as your artwork? 

    I mean,  you just spend so much time on it.  Not thinking about how much time & money you already have invested in your ‘sample raping taping technicalities’… 

    If the music you are creating is as dull as the top 20 UK hitlist,  good changes are you’re going to earn some money.  The general public isn’t ready yet for your music,  so fuck them right? Let them care about nutritional meals & how they can be 40 % more productive by putting the toothbrush down for just 2days…. 🤔   

    We care about music.  And since we’re not going dubble platina anytime soon: we have to create our own artwork.  ( I enjoy messing around with pictures I took with  my humble smartphone, FUBAR after I am done with it!!!  See there’s not that much difference between digital audio & image manipulation.  

    Frequencies, with amplitudes that create the impression of a whole…